Logistics & Fulfillment

Before we begin a project, we always ask two questions: Who is the audience? and, What is the message?

Once we know this, we work with our client to create the experience. We create a customized process for your product. Because everything we do is “hand-touch,” each item or kit receives personalized attention. Our diligence ensures every item going out is to the highest standard of our client.  Then it has to meet our standard of quality.

Consider, for example, just one recent experience. Wright Medical Technology began assembling product launch kits in-house, but quickly found the work was outside their scope. Read more about how we were able to help on the Behind the Scenes Blog.

Explore below to learn how we can help your company, then call or email to let us get started: 901.624.7047, or info@btsmemphis.com

Our Areas of Service:

Database Management 

A company’s data is one of its most important assets. Whether it is a physical address for shipping or email addresses used for an email blast, incorrect or incomplete data will prevent you from reaching your intended audience. We know how vital that data is and use our numerous resources to keep the information current and accessible.


We have an in-house CD/DVD duplication system and thermal printer that offers our clients exceptional quality for their media and can be done on a tight turn around.

Graphic Design 

Behind the scenes has two in-house graphics designers that can enhance your current logo or design something entirely new.

Inventory Management 

Managing ones inventory can take up two precious commodities, time and space.  We oversee and control the ordering, re-ordering, storage and quality assurance of your inventory so that you can concentrate on the message.  Inventory represents a major investment for any company and our client know they can count on us to protect their investment.

Kit Assembly 

We do all fulfillment using a step by step, hand process that gives your message the attention and respect it deserves. Our quality assurance process looks at each piece as an opportunity to reach your client. Omitting just one step in the process can make all the difference in the success or failure of your campaign.

Print on Demand 

While printing in bulk can save you pennies per piece, it can also prevent you from making necessary, but costly changes to your material.  If you have ever found mistakes in the finished printed piece, dealt with a minimum order or found out after a run that you needed more or less then you know how print on demand can save you time and money.

Shipping and Handling 

Even in today’s world of connectivity outbound and inbound shipping can still be a trial.  Like in everything else your product, documents or kitted materials are only impressive if they reach their destination. Price comparisons, vetting vendors, and keeping track of our shipments can be difficult and time-consuming. Behind the Scenes has sent tens of thousands of packages for our clients and we are ready, willing and able to take the weight of shipping and handling materials off your shoulders.

Specialty Products 

Ordering specialty products can be tedious. There are tons of companies out there that offer different products, have different specs and prices. You can wind up spending much of your time searching through catalogs and shopping prices. We at BTS have a large pool of resources from which we can help to pin point the best product for the best price.

Warehouse and Storage 

We realize that each and every item we store for our clients, represents dollars spent in purchasing and in potential success or failure of their campaign. In our warehouse you can count on two things. The first is that we created a safe and clean environment for your materials and the second is that we treat our clients products as if they were our own.