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Behind the Scenes in Memphis, TN works to understand your company and customers. We know that each situation is unique and that a cookie-cutter approach doesn't work. We offer customized solutions for corporate events, training meetings, and logistics and fulfillment. 

Everything we do is tailor-made to fit your project’s objectives. We know your audience is unique, so we keep this in mind as we create fun, memorable and educational experiences for them.

Our support services succeed by blending unnoticed into the background, keeping the spotlight on your company and the purpose of the event. We ensure the smooth functioning of all the moving parts from scheduling, and program development to arranging speakers, and printing necessary materials. It's a win for us when only you think about us, and your attendees think only about the event. 

We know you want your message to last long after your project ends. We create long term retention of your message by crafting an experience using our knowledge of your company and goals.

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