Posted by btsadmin on August 3, 2015

20150728_064435.jpgLast week, Behind the Scenes became a video studio shooting training videos on food preparation.  In our large meeting space, we commonly refer to as our multi-purpose room,  we brought in a freezer, an oven, food and our clients and turned this meeting space into a video studio.  

The purpose behind the videos was to create a how-to guide on how to prepare specific menu items.  Working with tight and wide shots focusing on the preparation,  we were able to capture exactly how the locations are supposed to create these dishes and how they are to look once they are complete. 


Over the course of the three day shooting, we went through how to prepare eggs, bacon, and sliders.  The finished video product will have voice-overs, animation and additional items to enhance the message for the viewers and help them achieve their goals.

Per our clients request, any unopened food will be sent to a local food bank for their use.  

Congratulations to our video team and we look forward to seeing the final product.



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