Blessed to be busy

Posted by btsadmin on July 22, 2016

Lots of great things going on at Behind the Scenes! 

Dusky has recently been on site visits in San Francisco for a conference in March 2017, Anaheim for one in 2018 and will be heading off to London today for a site visit for June 2017 meeting.    

In addition, to the upcoming conference work, we have been busy working on training meetings and council meetings, both here and in DC.  In June, we worked with TRU during their breakfast testing making multiple pots of coffee and oatmeal during the testing phase.  Yum.

During the month of July, we helped to organize training meetings in Chicago, Charlotte, Boston, Phoenix, Costa Rica and Orlando.  Assisting in coordinating logistical details, catering and even flights for the attendees. 

Next week, two of our team will be in McLean, VA coordinating a top executive training program while the rest of us are back here continuing to work on the rest of the projects.  

It is a great time to be here and we are very blessed to be busy.



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